Empower Your Practice with Medgen EHR and Become a Natural Meaningful Use Practice

Medgen EHR – Comprehensive, Customizable and Certified EHR Solution

Medgen addresses key requirements for an EHR system that empowers Physicians with the true power of technology, helping strengthen Provider-Patient relationship in the long run. Medgen was designed to take the load off patient-centric medical practices, helping organization remain Agile while also embracing Meaningful Use naturally.

Why Choose Medgen EHR when Looking for Technology Edge and Business Agility

While regulatory constraints motivate healthcare providers to become more Agile through intuitive technology support, choosing the right EHR solution as a first step to change major processes in your healthcare setting might prove challenging. Medgen EHR, was created to unleash the value of a complete end-to-end solution, easily pluggable into your current workflow, requiring minimal cost and time, while extending maximum benefit:

  • ONC Certified Comprehensive EHR Solution, fully Meaningful Use ready
  • Intuitive user interface designed with familiar look and feel offers major design advantage
  • Requires minimum installation and training before first use,cutting down costs and time
  • Seamlessly interoperable across vendor neutral interfaces for secure and effective sharing of patient data in the era of Health Information Exchange (HIE)
  • Helps manage patient concerns with unmatched efficacy across the continuum of care
  • Equipped with leading edge platform, allowing broad spectrum flexibility and involvement of multidisciplinary teams for true value from coordinated care
  • Accessible using multiple devices that can connect to our Cloud based system
  • Maximum customizability to suit the needs of your practice size or speciality area
  • Inbuilt data dictionaries and speciality specific modules to empower Physician Practices with speciality specific data at no extra cost
  • Complete EHR solution to transform your healthcare setting at only 60% of the usual cost


Empower Your Practice with Medgen EHR and Become a Natural Meaningful Use Practice

Our core philosophy is to empower Physician Practices and Healthcare settings through an EHR system that delivers immense value:


Medgen EHR was built for patient-centric practices looking for the best and most affordable solution to empower Physicians


Medgen takes it a step further than focusing on Physician time, catering to complete workflow efficiency through extremely insightful software technology design and Professional Services


With Medgen EHR, Physician Practices find it strikingly simple to manage disease, enforce preventive care, carry out diagnostic procedures and still dedicate maximum time listening to patient concerns

Medgen EHR Technical Capabilities, Inbuilt for Maximum Workflow Efficiency

Comprehensive patient encounter data integrated seamlessly with medical data, charting and reporting capability, messaging and eFax

All-inclusive dictionaries of medical terms and data (including ICD-9, ICD-10 and CPT codes) available, in-built scrubbers and auto-complete options for superfast entry of patient data

Accessible support information right from the interface including "How To" guides, Tutorials and the ability to create tickets for timely intervention by our support staff

Patient Data seamlessly integrated across Medgen EHR and Medgen RCM solution to ensure smooth handover to claims management.

User friendly EHR

Web based EHR login from anywhere

  • Patient Web Portal
  • Practice Management
  • Medgen is easy to learn and use
  • Appointment Reminders via phone / text /email
  • Built in messaging and E-fax
  • Instant Insurance Eligibility
  • Electronic Prescriptions
  • Problem templates
  • User friendly entry of Clinical information
  • Specialty Procedure Forms
  • Vitals, Growth Charts, and Immunizations
  • Patient Intake
  • Lab, Radiology, and HIE interfaces